Jun 10 2003

A new star is born

Totally unrelated, but this is an incredible artist with huge potential. Listen to the samples that “Wing” posted on here web site at http://www.wingmusic.co.nz/listen.html. #7 is my absolute favorite. Going to buy her CD right now …

4 Responses to “A new star is born”

  • undefined Says:

    You gotta be kindding…?

  • Traci Pickering Says:

    Tobi – you are SO funny. I came on here to see if you guys had any prego pics of my Boo. She is SO CUTE! Put up some more…I wanna see that big belly! Hugs ‘n Kisses to you both. Miss you ~/Tray

  • Benno Says:

    Wing is incredible! Kaoru says she can’t get her voice out of her head. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  • David Miehls Says:

    I’ve had a picture of your former home on Estrelles de Tano as the background of my computer ever since I ran across the ‘For Sale’ ad online many months ago. My wife and I called it our ‘retirement dream home’ and were wondering if you could give us an idea on the general area we should be looking at around the Santa Fe area for a similar home. The view and serenity is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor and what totally made us fall in love with your house. We’ll be visiting Santa Fe again in July and are looking forward to Shed Tacos and Tomasita’s Sopapilla’s. We’re also going to pick out an area that we’d like to move to within the next 5 years or so.

    By the way, the family photos are fantastic! Are one of you a professional photographer?


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