Jun 25 2003

A place called “Höllrich”

Long time ago I saw a photograph of my dad and my aunt Monika in front of a city sign that read “Höllrich”. The photo was taken long before I was born. Here is some more information about this little town in Germany.

Let’s start with the “big picture”. Marked with a red circle and plus sign, you can see the location of “Höllrich” on the partial Europe map:

Hoellrich - Europe

Now let’s zoom in a bit more and put it on the map in Germany and you can see it’s about 40 km north-north-west of “Würzburg” and 100 km east of “Frankfurt”:

Hoellrich - Germany

And at the final zoom-level you can see that “Höllrich” is right next to the city of “Karsbach”:

Hoellrich - Karsbach

If you want to play yourself with the map, use this “Yahoo Routenplaner” link: Yahoo! Routenplaner- H%F6llrich Yahoo! Routenplaner (Warning: Interface is in German!).

Now that we put it on the map, let’s try to find some more information about this little town.

A search on German search engines reveals that “Höllrich” is district of the city of “Karsbach” (in German: Ortsteil). Karsbach has at least one (german) presence on the web at: http://www.vgem-gemuenden.de/html/_karsbach.html.
And clicking on the “district” link (german: “Ortsteile”) on that page, reveals an entry for “Höllrich”, which leads to this page: http://www.vgem-gemuenden.de/html/ortsteil_hollrich_.html

There’s a long, long blurb about the history of Höllrich on this page and I’m not going to translate it entirely, but will only grab some important facts (you may be able to get a somewhat ok translation through AltaVista’s Babelfish via this link: Babelfish translation German->English of http://www.vgem-gemuenden.de/html/ortsteil_hollrich_.html):

  • Höllrich was first mentioned as “Holderich” in 1189
  • in 1331 a few family members of the “von Thüngen” family build castle “Reussenburg”
  • Bishop Johann II (unsuccessfully) tries to occupy the castle in 1438 because of disagreements with the “von Thüngen” family
  • 1525 during the peasants-wars the castle is burnt to the ground
  • 1562 the “von Thüngen” family finishes a new castle on the water in the town of Höllrich
  • the castle was sold to the National Musem in Berlin in 1883
  • nobody lived in the castle since 1961; a private party is trying to renovate the buildings at the moment
  • since 1978 Höllrich is officially part of the city of Karsbach

And here’s a view of the water castle of Höllrich (took it from the web site above to make sure it stays around):

Hoellrich - Water Castle

As much as I tried, I could not find a correlation between the town (or district) of Höllrich and our last name. I’ll keep looking and post an update when I find something.

9 Responses to “A place called “Höllrich””

  • Ms. Hoellrich Says:

    Hello! I have recently been researhing my families past and I just came across your posting. I have found out that when our ancestors game over from Germany or name was switched from Hollrich to Hoellrich. It would be great to here from you and maybe we can exchange information! Thanks

  • Regina Says:

    my ancestors are just down the road from Hollrich, as a matter of fact on visits to our family town of Obereschenbach we pass the village on Rt.B27. You may be interested in this website http://pdomes.pirando.com/main20.html entitled the Reussenburg Observer. There is also mention of Hollrich at http://www.taskforcebaum.de/documents/baum/notes.html. I will ask my cousin in Germany if he can help with any info. on Hollrich. I think it is one of his stops on weekend bike rides.

  • Alfons Scheuplein Says:

    Dear Sirs,
    not the castle but the mobiles inside have been sold to Berlin National Museum, they say.
    As I am real estate seller of the actual private owner, i got to know about the castle and the places name. It comes from a bush actually called “Holunder” , or double- l, “Hollunder” in former times or dialect called “Hllerich”. Maybe this information helps You on.
    The private man, a certain Mr. Herr tries hard to fight against the castles decline, damage, vanish. So we try to find investors to raise flats on the ground and rebuild the houses in a modern way.
    You could try to use the www. behind-the- name.com or so to find out more about Your name.
    With best regards: Alfons Scheuplein

  • Sanna Says:

    i´m living in höllrich…the castle is no watercastle anymore, it´s dried.
    there are/were many bones around the castle…in the second world war many houses were destroyed and only a few houses stood there. i don´t now much about the history because i´m only 12.
    i hope it helps you
    ps:auf http://www.vgem-gemuenden.de/html/ortsteil_hollrich_.html you can read also sth about höllrich,but i donßt think höllrich and your last name have one same point in history.

  • Darlene Says:

    I am embarrassed to admit that I never read this posting! How can that be? I was awarded “the most frequent visitor/contributor” trophy. This is quite interesting. Your last name is pretty cool. It is appropriate that your ancestors should have a castle even though you never inherited it. 😉

  • Steven Says:

    I lived for some time in Steinbach near Lohr a.M. which isn’t far from Holrich, which has always been one of my favorite castles. I first saw it in the late 80’s and even met some of the remaining Thungens who were living in another little water castle nearby. I last saw it maybe 3 years ago. I’m afraid it’s fallen into even more disrepair, with a large part of the roof falling in. I hope they find the funds for a proper renovation, as it is such a fine example of this type of schloss.

  • Axel Says:

    Hi, my name is Axel, and i’m live in Höllrich. I ca say you something about Höllrich, because it is interesting for me to know something about the History of my home. I’m the frontman of our Gartenbauverein it is like a Club who makes the Country beauty with flowers. When you want then write an email to me i try to find some new informations… (sorry for my shool-english…)

  • Hans Says:

    Hallo everybody,
    I´m the owner of that castle.
    Maybe five years ago a men for US was here, told me his name is hoellrich and wanted some help.
    He wanted to see in the old books from the 16th. and 17th.century were every minister at every church noted the birth,marrige and death of every person living whithin his district.
    It took us some day to go through all the books, but we couth´t find a hint about his ancestores. Didn´t hear form him till then.
    Anyway, it is a dream for us, to live here whithin the old walls even so, we have to work quiet hard sometimes to get/keep the whole place in order. If somebody is out there who want to stay for some weeks here and help us to renovate this beatiful place, we would say “very willcome”.
    In case somebody wants to get more info about the castle, please feel free to write to ” verlagsserviceherr@vr-web.de
    By the way, I would like to say hello to Axel!!

  • Alexandra Wise-Brogna Says:

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