Oct 24 2003

hotpennies.net – IPFS spam

There are some classes of spam which make me furious. Here is one example of them. Hotpennies.net (not linked for a reason) sent me this message where they advertise a company called “Integrated Performance Systems Inc.” and urge me to “Watch This Stock Trade!!!”.

While I’m in no position to judge the perfromance of this company or it’s stock, I’m in a position to judge what I want to see in my EMail-Inbox. And this is not among those items I want to deal with on a daily basis. Even if this company is poised to sky-rocket in the future and one could make millions from buying stock in this company, it had exactly the opposite effect on my: the fact that they chose to advertise via spam makes me avoid them like the plague in the future. I hope you do the same. Too bad.

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