Feb 21 2005

“” – is it just me?

The a$$-clown going through “” has been pretty persistent in trying to drop comment spam on my server over the last few days. I would almost say the behaviour is borderline ambitious. In fact:

localhost$ grep "" access_log | wc -l



(that’s since this morning 2am). And:

localhost$ zcat access_log.1.gz| grep "" | wc -l



(that would be last week)

So Emil has earned himself already a permanent place in my heart for providing an open proxy to the world, but I can’t believe that nobody else is being targeted – or are you being bugged by “” as well?

2 Responses to ““” – is it just me?”

  • Vin Says:

    Hi. I found your page because I was looking for a way to report this guy and see if others have been getting bugged by him. I found out he’s been targetting my file mt-comments.cgi which I have long since deleted when I migrated to WordPress.

  • Spamhuntress Says:

    Are you sure this is an open proxy?

    I’ve had quite a few hits from that network. What I’d consider master spambots mostly.

    I believe the bots are wielded by people with accounts on those machines. Might even be colocating them.

    But then I haven’t done a proxy check, so I wouldn’t know for sure.

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