Feb 28 2005

Blu 102.9 in Santa Fe

How come it took so long before I found out about Blu 102.9 here in Santa Fe? It looks like they’ve been on the air since 2003, but only recently Candice mentioned that they play “my kind of music”. And yes, they do. Thanks guys for a groovy sound (although I wish you would stream at more than 32 KBps).

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  • matthew ellis Says:

    Thank you for listening.
    We are young and work very very long hours to create the nation’s first chill groove electronica format.

    Where are you?

    E-mail me directly.

    blu 102.9 fm Santa Fe

  • Mike Seal Says:

    Hi Matthew:

    I found out about your site and station from Thievery Corporation’s website.

    FINALLY! A station that plays the music I like.


    By the way, I live in Lousiana now, about to move to Florida.

    I have already sent a link to Blu to friends in Austin and Hilton Head Island, SC.

  • uli deisser Says:

    hi you guys,

    it´s true, this is real good music what they´re playing there. exactly my sound.
    this sound is medicine which i needed after the nightmare eurovision song contest yesterday: 😉

    hope you´re well !!!

    cu and greet´s from g.o.germany

    ps: i already thinking about our common times in munich schießstättstraße while i´m listening this music !

  • Dan Says:

    Anyone know why BLU is no longer available streamed? Haven’t been able to get it for a week now and all my e-mails to the station go unanswered.

    Dan in Milwaukee

  • tobias Says:

    Dan – the Winamp stream works fine for me right now.

  • Joann Orner Says:

    Hey you guys-
    thanks for the wonderful words about blu.
    We continue to evolve so I hope you are still out there listening and enjoy the nations only choice for chill.


  • Russ Donda Says:

    The Blu 102.9 website is gone….!!!!!!!!

  • Aura Says:

    Thanks for playing the musica, I and my family listen all the time. Its so refreshing to have something that is not clear channel generated. I love so much of the music you play. Thank you again!
    Aura in SF

  • Michele Says:

    I am visiting from Pittsburgh, PA and love your music. I tried to call about 10 times with no results. How can I get a list of the music you are playing. I never heard most of the music. If possible I would like a list of the music you played Monday, June 9, 2008 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm. Please help me.

  • carolina Says:

    I listen in my car every day but I can’t listen on my computer. PLEASE provide me with a better link to listen at work. Thanks!

  • Tobias Says:

    Carolina – the “Listen Live” link on their site works just fine for me.

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