Sep 15 2005

Happy not to own a TiVo anymore ..

After reading this: pvrblog: TiVo 7.2 OS adds content protection, blocks transfers, and auto-deletes some shows, I’m certainly happy that all TiVo units have been disconnected in this household.

At the moment we are using the Dishplayer 942 (which does HD and SD) and an MS Mediacenter PC (which does SD only, but it’s good enough as a backup).

One Response to “Happy not to own a TiVo anymore ..”

  • MegaZone Says:

    Keep in mind that this feature is required by the MacroVision license and all licensees either already support these flags, or will have to in coming releases.

    Dish has a MacroVision license. MicroSoft has pledged to improve their DRM support in MCE.

    So don’t be too happy about not having a TiVo, it doesn’t mean you’re free of this.

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