Nov 12 2006


Somebody sent me a link to a site (Colorgenics – Paul Golden Research) that generates a personality profile, based on the sequence of colors that you pick on the screen. Here’s a screenshot from the site before I made a selection:

You are asked to first pick the color you feel most in harmony with, then continue with the next most harmonious color and so on, until there are no more cubes left. A second later it will spit out your profile and I was amazed how much it matched my current situation. Here’s how it starts:

You don’t need anxiety and problems. All you really seek is a conflict free environment which can offer peace and mental security. You don’t like the idea of being alone and, whatever the reason, at this time of your life you feel as if you are being ‘left out’. What you really need is perhaps some ‘tender loving care’. …

Those who know me, will confirm that it describes me pretty well. I actually ran it with some random colors again, just to make sure it comes back with something completely different (which it did). Give it a try yourself and let me know how it worked for you. There’s also some more background information on the site that explains the theory behind this color-based personality profiler.

4 Responses to “Colorgenics”

  • Po Says:

    I’m not sure if I did something wrong. I didn’t really feel “in harmony” with any particular colors, but I picked them in the order that I liked them. What I got is such a combination of seemingly contradictory stuff, some of which feels accurate, and some not. I definitely disagree with the part of “everything’s gone wrong” and being nervous and upset. At most about half of what it says feels close to being true for me.

    “You are always alert and keenly observant. You are not truly satisfied with your everyday status and you are seeking fresh avenues which can give you the opportunity to prove your worth. You feel that there are still many barriers that stand between you and recognition – but one by one you will overcome them. Your tenacity is your one good point – like an English Bulldog, once you take the bite, you will seldom let go.

    You are lazy – you dream of a peaceful, calm, uncluttered and uncomplicated life. Your ideal would be to share a permanent base with some person or persons who would be able to demonstrate on-going love, peace and security.

    Everything seems to have gone wrong and the situation at this time is such that you are not quite sure which way to turn. So it would appear that you are ‘holding back’, re-consolidating your position and relinquishing all fun and games for the time being.

    You are on tenterhooks and appear to be extremely nervous and upset. You are bored and you feel that life has far more to offer than this present day mundane existence. The way that you feel indicates that you have the need for a responsive and understanding relationship. You are prepared to follow up any opportunity which may present itself. However you are very choosy and you refuse to be swept off your feet unless integrity can proved to be 100% genuine. Therefore you are holding back, keeping your emotions in check because before you let down your guard you have to be sure. You are too trusting and you have no desire to be hurt again. You are responsive to conditions around you – but forever under control.

    Being afraid that you may be prevented from achieving your hopes and dreams is making you anxious and nervous. As a dreamer your ideas can at times move into the realm of fantasy and you could be following that so called illusive dream.”

  • Po Says:

    I should clarify one thing I wrote in my previous comment. I didn’t pick the colors in the order that I normally like, I picked the colors I liked at that moment, given those choices. For example, I don’t normally like yellow, but for some reason that was the color I liked most at the moment.

  • David Says:

    I worked… these things always freak me out… It’s like their in my head…?!?

  • Lan Says:

    Hey Tobias! I always think these are like fortune cookies where we can relate to the fortune no matter what it says ’cause its so vague. However, reading yours and Po’s profile, I don’t seem to relate to as much as mine…

    “You know that life can be wonderful and you are anxious to experience life in all its aspects, to live it to the full. You therefore resent any restriction or limitations that are being imposed on you and you insist on going it alone.

    You are anxious about all the limitations to which you are subjected to at this time. You feel that you are not valued for what or who you are. You need OUT. So why procrastinate any longer – MOVE!”

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