Apr 13 2007

Preview: logviewer apollo application

I decided to get my feet wet (actually it’s more the whole legs) with Apollo and created an application that allows me to keep an eye on my web-server(s). The application pictured above (click on it to get a more detailed screenshot) contacts my server on a regular basis and “asks” for an xml-version of the last n access_log lines (yes, Apache running here, but it should be trivial to adapt that to non-Apache servers). It will then munge the data returned from the server in a number of different ways and create charts, tables with the very same information in a much more easily digestable format.

Have a few kinks that need to be sorted out, but I expect to have a downloadable AIR-file early next week. And, yes, I blurred that log2xml-URL on purpose. Stay tuned …

Update 2007/04/16: I posted the first version of the Apollo application including the sources at: First release of Apollo logviewer.

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