Apr 15 2007

First release of Apollo logviewer

Scaling back a bit and having worked on the charting-events allows me to release the first version of the Apollo logviewer. If you happen to have the Apollo runtime (see here) installed, run an Apache web server, happen to be able to install new scripts/cgis for your server and classify yourself as a logfile-junkie, then the following may be interesing to you.

Download and install the Apollo logviewer via the following link and follow the instructions that appear when you run the application. Should be pretty straight-forward. If you have issues, let me know.

logviewer apollo air file

And for those of you who have FlexBuilder/Apollo installed, you can also download the current sources for the project here: logviewer.zip (730KB). Extract the contents to a location of your choice and then use FlexBuilder’s File-Import feature with the “Existing projects into workspace” option selected.

I received a few emails that asked what the logviewer exactly does. It views acess_log files … 🙂 Decided to record a short session and make it available as a flash movie. Use the following link to playback the session I recorded. During the session I’ll connect to my web server (the path that is displayed for the log2xml.cgi script is not the real thing), fetch the last 10 hrs worth of log-data and look at it from different angles. Double-clicking on an ip-address will query another server for information about that IP, double-clicking a “local url” will display it’s contents and double-clicking a referer url will grab that url and display it in the browser tab.

The recorded session can be found here (FlashPlayer 8+ required): logviewer captivate session

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