Oct 1 2007

Adobe “SHARE beta”: the cat’s out of the bag …

For the past few months I’ve been working on the front-end of the Adobe SHARE (beta) service. “Front-end” here means the Flex-code that makes up the stuff you see in your browser and that connects to the back-end service that does the heavy-lifting. Almost every action in the user-interface sends a message back to the server with instructions on what to do with the user-supplied data.

The service (along with the “Virtual Ubiquity” Buzzword acquisition) was announced at this year’s Adobe MAX conference in Chicago.

“Adobe SHARE beta” is a web-service that allows you to send “documents” to a number of recipients. You can pick whether you want to have those recipients as the only recipients or whether it is allowed to re-share the documents. 1 GB of free storage should be enough to get you going. Besides pushing (email) data to your recipients, you can also upload documents to the service and embed a preview of the document on your own web-site/blog.


The Flex-UI allows us to add some distinct value: you can preview a (growing) number of document-formats right in your browser. This allows you to figure out whether it’s worth to download a document.

There were tons of features that were cut from the application before it’s public release and we are planning to (re-)add those before we reach the 1.0-milestone of the service.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

5 Responses to “Adobe “SHARE beta”: the cat’s out of the bag …”

  • dan Says:

    …and the Flex alpha for Linux is out! Woot!

  • Danny Says:

    Hi there.. I am trying to implement the ‘Preview Document’ feature for my website. Basically I have tons of PowerPoint Presentations on my website and it would be sweet if users were able to get a preview of the Presentation instead of having to download it everytime. Is it possible to achieve this using Flex UI? Any tips would be very helpful. Thankyou.

  • tobias Says:

    Danny – thanks for your comment. Our solution for share.adobe.com consists of a quite elaborate setup that converts incoming files to PDF. From those PDF documents we generate Flash Previews (SWF) which are referenced directly in the Flex code.
    Unfortunately I can’t share this code with you at the moment. Should the situation change in the future, I’ll put a post on my blog.

  • Patrick Keating Says:

    Yes! Tobias, we were just tasked with looking at your code so that we could explore merging it with the flex work we are doing for Adobe. It will be great to to work with you again!

    And how nice the code is too; a beautiful Cairngorm MVC with a business delegate pattern. I can instantly discern tons of valuable things from it since we too use these patterns in our work.

    For any Cairngorm detractors out there let me tell you: it is worth every second of the effort.

    Anyway, a nice surprise this morning that that link in the swf linked here…

    Patrick Keating
    Bluefire Productions

  • tobias Says:

    Hi there Patrick – what a pleasure to hear from you again! Based on the fact that you ended up here when using Adobe Share makes me believe you discovered that the application behaves differently when launched via a file:// URL 😉

    We’ll stick our heads together next week.


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