Oct 9 2007

Christina’s CRUSTy creations

I’m used to walk into a bakery and see at least 20 different kinds of breads. I’m appalled by the long isles of breads in the local super-markets: it’s white, soft “stuff” that fills your belly does not tickle your taste-buds in the same way as European bread does. Two blocks away from my apartment in Amsterdam was one of the most famous bakeries: you would enter this place and would be overwhelmed by smells that I’ve found nowhere else (and I’m talking about the good kind of smell). Bread would have a “crust” and by crust I mean something that actually makes a noise when you bite into it.

So, here I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico of all places. We are already blessed with over-average bread supplies. Take “Sage Bakehouse”, “Chocolate Maven” for example, they provide bread-goods that come pretty close to what you would expect from a European bakery. But things got just turned up a notch, when Christina decided to open her own business here in town.

Let’s roll back for a few months/years: I met Christina first when she was on her stationary bike at “Santa Fe Spa” trying to shed some pounds like everybody else in the room. I got introduced to her as yet another European who decided to make Santa Fe her primary place of residence. My (then) personal trainer Michele introduce the two of us, as “Germans who are supposed to hang out together”. Christina lives here with her husband Peter, just a few minutes away from where I live now. They decided to make Santa Fe their permanent residence after they had enough of Los Angeles. During a party I got to chat with her longer and after reminiscing about the old Vaterland, Christina told me that she was the daughter of the famous German actress, singer and writer Hildegard Knef. When I told my mom about it, she got all excited and told me to mention that she listens at least once a week to one of Hildegard’s many records.

Since then, we’ve been bumping into each other over and over again: a party here, a dinner there and during one of the dinners, Christina told me about her passion for baking. When the topic came up, her husband Peter was the one who was raving about Christina’s skills, because he had the pleasure to sample it time and time again over the years. Soon after that I was in that lucky position as well, when a loaf of home-baked bread and some croissants were given to me as a present. At first I could not believe that she had done that stuff herself, but she assured me that everything came out of her kitchen. The croissants were as close to the real thing as they could possibly get. And the bread was just to die for.

After seeing (and tasting) what Christina was capable off, I told her: “You should turn this into a business!”. The same thought had crossed her mind before and I think she just needed some more reaffirmation from others before venturing off and actually implementing it.

Fast forward to now: A few weeks ago Christina got her business license and now operates a business out of her home called “Crust LLC”. On Wednesday last week she was here at my home and brought some more baked goodies (“Chocolate Croissants”!!!!) while we enjoyed a meal of Bavarian Pork Roast, potato dumplings and her home-made red cabbage (“Blaukraut”). On that day she also handed me a brochure with all the stuff she can prepare at her home. You can see the brochure below. Just look at all the stuff she can do – quite amazing:

So, if you are in the Santa Fe area (no shipping yet) and want to treat yourself to some yummy baked goods, I can only highly recommend Christina. Her phone-number and email-address is on the brochure. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday are delivery days. You need to call/email at least 48 hrs in advance to get your items on those days.

Good luck Christina – I know you won’t need it. And then let’s implement that “fresh rolls delivery service every morning” next …. 😉

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