Jun 6 2008

Does anybody have experience with CNSP?

I recently read about CNSP, a local wireless Internet provider with some decent higher speed pricing. I exchanged some emails with them and I’m planning to get set up, either as my only Internet provider or as a solution parallel to the existing Qwest DSL connection.

Tried to find some more information about them, but I’m drawing a blank when I search for them.

Is there anybody else in the Santa Fe area who is using them and has either good or bad information about them to share with me?

Thanks in advance!

3 Responses to “Does anybody have experience with CNSP?”

  • garret Says:

    I have heard neither good nor bad. What’s their hookup to the ‘net, T1’s or T3’s? La Canada wireless out here in Eldo shares a single T1, I believe, between everyone.

    Just FYI, I’m on Comcast cable. Way faster than Qwest DSL. Downtown clients seem to be forced to use both Qwest and Cybermesa, for some reason … extra $$.

  • Bill Says:

    A friend who’s off the grid in Santa Fake says CNSP’s weird about billing, customer service sucks and they charge big bucks for service calls even when it’s their fault. If the connection and installation is good and you don’t need them for anything the service is average.

  • tobias Says:

    Thanks garret and Bill!

    @Garret: I have no idea what their backbone connectivity looks like, but if they *guarantee* the 3MB/1MB speed at sustained rate then it has to be something like a T3. Yes, La Canada does have a single T1 – I remember talking to them when we looked a property off highway 14.
    Was also thinking about Comcast, but all the news around them lately really turned me off.

    PS: Since I moved to the new server, I’m not getting notified about posted comments … hmmm?!

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