Aug 22 2008

Lake Abiquiu

Friday one week ago during Pia’s week off, we also headed to the North to visit the Lake Abiquiu area.

When we headed out from Santa Fe, the city was under a thick cloud cover and there was a coldish wind blowing. I was afraid that we would not be able to swim in the lake or at least put our footsies into the cold water.

Luckily the weather cleared up more and more as I was driving up North. Pia took the easy way out and just took a nap for almost the whole drive.

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Just as I was going across the dam, she woke up and a minute later we were at one of the vista points overlooking the lake (photo above). She’s normally a bit cranky right after waking up, but the nearby water and the prospect of jumping into it made her forget her crankiness.

The dad was silly enough to forget the cooler with the lunch/drinks at home, so we decided to head back to the town of Abiquiu, get some food and then go back to the lake for the rest of the afternoon.

Once she was in her bikini and her belly was filled with some lunch there was no holding back and she had to run down to the water.

There was NOBODY there. A few surfers, jet-skiers and two boats, but nobody else was on the rocky shore. I had my doubts that the water would be warm enough for a swim and it turned out to be true: Pia usually does not have any problems when it comes to cold water (unlike her dad), but even for her it was a bit too chilly. She dipped into the pools on the lake’s shoreline, but quickly pulled herself out of the water. I think the dark water (Lake Abiquiu is DEEP) was a psychological factor that made things appear colder than they really were.

Even without being able to go for a swim, we had plenty of things to do: rock-skipping exercises, rock-splashing exercises, trying-to-make-each-wet contests, etc. We stayed for about 2 hrs and then continued to drive North towards Ghost Ranch.

I distinctly remember that on one of the earlier trips up to Abiquiu the weather was not cooperating and that clouds and rain hid most of the beautiful landscape. This time it was different and we had perfect weather and picture-perfect skies.

It was almost 4pm when we turned off the road towards Ghost Ranch and I decided it was too late to visit the place for the day. Soon after the turn-off we flipped the Dodge around and drove back to Santa Fe.

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  • Ben Wallace Says:

    I am the Innkeeper of the Abiquiu Inn. I am working on updating our website and am featuring a section on Abiquiu Lake for swimming. I would love to use your pictures for our website. I am willing to trade a two night stay at the Inn in a standard room for this as well. Please let me know your thoughts. I think the picture of Pia with her hands on her head would be awesome from a family aspect. Perhaps with a caption saying “We get the whole lake to ourselves!”

    Thank you,
    Ben Wallace
    Abiquiu Innkeeper

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