Mar 4 2009

Free stuff on craigslist

free on craigslistAfter reading on dangerousmeta that there was another free E-waste event in Santa Fe, I thought it was finally time to get rid of some of my old hardware here.

I had a few desktop systems that were collecting dust in the garage for months already. I had stripped those systems earlier on and had removed all disks, memory and other usable items. On Saturday at noon I packed the whole lot into the car and went over to the drop-off on Siler Road. That place was packed. Tons of old computer hardware was piled up in a huge parking lot and there was quite the line of drivers waiting to drop-off more hardware. When it was my turn, a bunch of volunteer teenagers grabbed the stuff from my trunk faster than I could say “Thank you!”. Hardware was flying through the air and landed with a nice, loud crashing sound on the pile.

I also had a couple of CRT monitors, which were still in working condition and instead of throwing them out, I put them up on Craigslist in the “for sale / free” section. The ad had a note that those items were free, in working condition and for pickup only. Not an hour later I had the first responses to the ad. And that’s were things got weird. Of the first few people who claimed they would come and pick up the stuff, nobody showed up when they said they would. I tried to be fair and respond to people in the order that I received responses, meaning I put the later ones on hold until I heard from the first ones. That was a mistake – I should have just said whoever comes here first is going to get the stuff.

And then there’s also this one guy, who I exchanged 12 (!) emails with. “Are they free?” – “yes!” – “Can you drop them off here?” – “no!” – “Do they work?” – “yes!” – “Are they going to work with my graphics card?” – “no idea – give it a try!” – “Can I return them if they don’t work?” – “ARRRGGGGHH – no!” – and so on and so on … I ignored his last two emails where he asks for even more information.

We have this saying in Germany, which translates to “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. Some people don’t seem to get that …

PS: And there’s really some interesting stuff you find on craigslist these days, like this one

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  • Gnarlodious Says:

    Hehe, thanks for that free giant CRT monitor. I used it for a few weeks to set up my server via GUI and then passed it on to someone else free on Craigslist. But yeah, some people act like they are paying through the nose fr free stuff. pretty funny actually. Unless they hem and haw taking your time all afternoon deciding if they really want it. So I see you are a total internet nerd like me. Cool.

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