Apr 8 2009

Flash Player VerifyError: Error #1014 with RSLs

This is more a note to self, but I’m sure others will run into it as well. If you just changed your Flex/Flash project to use Runtime Shared Libraries (RSLs) and launch your new, shiny and tiny application for the first time only to see the error message “VerifyError: Error #1014: Class some.package::SomeClass could not be found“, then do not despair. Most likely you’ll just have to switch the order in which the libraries are being loaded.

If RSL A depends on RSL B, you will need to make sure that B is loaded before A, otherwise you see the message above. Go back to your flex project, hit Project properties, select “Flex Build Path”, then tab “Library path”. Rearrange the “Build path libraries” to make sure they are loaded in the right order and do a rebuild.

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  • Alonso Says:

    hi, i m one of that people with a new shiny and tiny app for the first time,

    this is the code:

    package {
    import flash.net.URLRequest;
    import flash.html.HTMLLoader;
    import flash.display.Sprite;

    * @author alonso
    public class TestAir1 extends Sprite {

    private var htmlSprite : HTMLLoader;

    public function TestAir1() {

    htmlSprite = new HTMLLoader();
    htmlSprite.width = 500;
    htmlSprite.height = 500;
    htmlSprite.load(new URLRequest(“http://www.marca.com”));

    this is the error:
    VerifyError: Error #1014: No se encontró la clase flash.html::HTMLLoader.

    at global$init()

    the build classpath is

    flex.swc [Flex_3_SDK_with_AIR]
    framework.swc ”

    this is default configuration, i m using fdt3 with mac book pro

    could you help me?

    thx a lot

  • Mayur Says:

    Thanks… saves my time. 🙂

  • Guillen Says:

    Hi, I have that error (#1014) I rearranged the Build path libraries in many ways, but the same error persist. Have i doing some wrong?? What can I do for solve the problem?? Any Other Idea?? Thanks.

  • hseldon Says:

    I had this issue with loading modules. In project->properties->Flex Modules->Edit you can select “Do not optimize”. That worked for me.

  • Jedi Says:

    I was in that situation too, but then I moved my SWC RSL up and down in build path list it is only moved up and down place of that error. It is always been.
    But I found some aswer. In my situation I set in flex library section framework.swc to compile as RSL – that generated 2 addition files in “bin-debug” for framework, but project compiled well.
    When I tryed switch it back to “merged into code” and compile project – error come back again. So I leaved it as “RSL”.

    I wish it will be helpfull at all.

  • sankaranarayanan Says:

    Thanks a lot..
    that did the trick 😉

  • sansegot Says:

    Thanks for this clarification. There’s just one more thing. It seams that the loading order of the RSL’s depends on if you are using Digest or not. Libraries which use digest seem to get loaded ahead of the ones which don’t, despite the fact they’re lower in the loading order.

    So if one library depends on the another make sure that at least the parent library is using digest, since it will get loaded first.

    This is how Flex framework 3.5 seems to is working – I don’t know about he 4.0 framework

  • neurowave Says:

    Hey Thanks this was useful 🙂

  • Nap Says:

    My situation is pretty much exactly the same as the first reply you got (@alonso), did you end up helping him out with a solution?


  • Tobias Says:

    @Nap – sorry I have no idea. @alonso did not use RSLs and I don’t know how to deal with the error he ran into.

  • Scion Says:

    Here is another trick which may help:
    If you use modules, you may find a class in the module needs to be declared in the main app for it to work correctly.
    I got the verfiy error with AxisRenderer because the first it appears in in one of my modules. To fix the error I added:
    private var sneakyRenderer : AxisRenderer;
    to my main.mxml. Just by referencing it, the class is compiled into the main app and is available to the modules. I think it has to do with RSL loading order as well.

  • Ilya Says:

    Thank you very much!! I’ve got this error in all last week, sometimes it appears, sometimes not, and the class was flex HTTPService at that. I’ve tried everything i found in web. By the way, reordering RSLs didnt help me))

  • Hector Says:

    Thanks a lot Scion! Your solution worked perfectly 🙂

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