Apr 21 2009

Saturday Morning Zen

On Friday we got a nice amount of snow and during the night to Saturday we got even more. It was way too warm for it to stick long, but Saturday Morning was just gorgeous. Soon after I got up, I put the camera on the wall in front of the house and captured 35 mins of New Mexico Morning Beauty. I speed it up to just a bit over 4 mins. There’s not going to happen a lot in the video below; you’ll just see the sun gently running her fingers across the landscape … (make sure you select HD below otherwise it’ll look like utter rubbish):

Soundtrack is “november” by “raja_ffm” via ccMixter.org.

PS: wish you could see the big version on a big screen …

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  • t Says:

    so beautiful! thanks for posting! i’m coming out for openings this weekend. will be helping kathrine and elan out on friday – stop by if you can – it would be great to see you! xo – t

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