May 22 2009

Dinner in the Sky

What do you offer spoiled diners, who’ve seen everything and ate everything everywhere? Right: you round them up around a table that weighs a few tons, strap them to their seats and then lift them up into the sky for a high-altitude dining experience.

That’s the business behind Dinner in the Sky. A large crane lifts you and the rest of the dining party about 40-50 meters into the sky, where a chef will prepare the food for you and you get a chance to enjoy the meal with a spectacular view. Dinner in the Sky is touring all over the world to give people a once in a lifetime dining experience.

And like good business people, they are milking the idea with slight variations: Meeting in the Sky, Showbiz in the Sky and Marriage in the Sky. Neat idea …

Dinner in the sky

Dinner in the sky

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