Jun 10 2010

CNSP goes “zoom, zoom, zoom …”

Now we are getting somewhere:

CNSP came out yesterday to upgrade my wireless Internet connection. You can see the (so far) best speedtest.net test result displayed above.
Then I noticed this morning that the speed had dropped down to previous levels. I decided to wait for a while, walk the dogs and then get in touch with them. To my surprise I was met by the installer when I returned from the dog walk. CNSP had noticed that my speed had dropped and concluded that the radio on the roof must have moved slightly (it was windy here last night). 15 mins later things are fixed again – kudos to CNSP.

And if you are looking for a high-speed provider other than Qwest and Comcast (both of which are not available where I live), then do give them a call.

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  • garret Says:

    Just this second, I did a speedtest.net identical to yours. My Comcast says: 7.96 download, 1.33 upload, ping 109ms to the Clovis server array.

    I’ll be interested in your ongoing experiences with CNSP.

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