Oct 18 2010

News from the baking department

The kitchen has been busy lately and I like it. We made an attempt to marry bacon with doughnuts and while the result did not look like what we envisioned, it tasted just fine. The initial thought was to wrap doughnut dough around “round bacon”. I used two differently sized cups to form the bacon into submission and make it come out “round” from the microwave. Here’s what it looked like:

Unfortunately the rings were too small and we could not get enough dough around them to keep their shape. So we ended up breaking the bacon rings apart and mixing the bits into the dough to get the bacon-doughnuts.
The result looked a lot like “old-fashioned doughnuts” and was very tasty (yeah, there are some of Pia’s odd shapes in there as well):

A week ago I bought some Ciabatta rolls and liked them a lot. It’s certainly not the first time I had this bread, but I haven’t had it in a while. I decided it was time to try to recreate it. Saturday evening Oakley and I started to prepare the Biga from one of the Ciabatta recipes in an “Il Fornaio” cookbook. On Sunday we continued working on the dough and I baked two loafs late in the afternoon. Oakley did the same with the remaining dough at her house.

All four loafs turned out perfectly and we only agreed on adding more salt the next time around. The most difficult part was getting the unbaked loafs into the oven and onto the stone. I decided to use a lot of cornmeal on a cookie sheet and slide the loafs off the cookie sheet onto the stone. Make sure you blow away the excess cornmeal before sliding the goods on the stone.

The end result smelled delicious, was crusty and baked just perfectly. I don’t know how many slices I had with Griebenschmalz and Relleno Brothers cheese (which we picked up at the Black Mesa winery on Saturday), but half a loaf was gone quicker than I could say “Yum!”. Christina, you better watch your back (and, yes, I’m kidding)!

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  • Christina Says:

    Looks great! Congrats. Still curious about the bacon doughnuts. Can’t quite picture the flavor profile.

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