Apr 26 2011

Anybody else with a PSN account and fraudulent charges around 4/20/2011?

I found it quite interesting to read about Sony’s admission that user data and possibly credit card information was compromised between April 17 and April 19. Even more interesting that the first fraudulent charges appear around April 20 on my account. Quite the coincidence – isn’t it? Yes, we have a Playstation Network account, because we have a Playstation. And yes, we made at least one purchase from the network buying a game for Pia. And I distinctly remember that I cringed, because there was no option to say “don’t store my credit card information” …

Do you have a PSN account? Did you also get hit by fraudulent charges? Did those charges also come from the New York/Brooklyn area? If yes, please leave a comment or talk to me: tobias-at-kahunaburger.com.

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