Aug 12 2012

Brownout and the winner is …

We just had a bit of a Brownout here (upon reading the description for Brownout more carefully, I think we just experienced a normal power outage). Power was lost for a fraction of a second. There’s a pretty big thunderstorm wreaking havoc in the area, which caused the turbulence. Three PCs in my office and the PC-based pfsense-router rebooted. The Sony VAIO All-In-One computer in the kitchen is still up, as well as the Macbook Pro laptop next to me. Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs) were just placed on my Christmas Gift list.

Needless to say that I just lost some work and am trying to recover it …

And the winner is: Mr. Thunderstorm himself!

PS: Bonus question for Serhii – when did you last a experience a power outage that rebooted your devices?

One Response to “Brownout and the winner is …”

  • Serhii Laskavyi Says:

    Currently all computers are notebooks, but you may laugh, I had a 3 or maybe 5 days power-free accident due to billing problem – other people who lived in this appartments ‘forgot’ to pay ~$10 years ago and power supplying company decided to help them to pay by cutting wires off 🙂

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