Aug 13 2012

My back hurts – that’s a good thing – right?

Today I finally did what I should have done ages ago: I converted my desk from a sit-down desk into a stand-up desk. My colleague Jeff gave me the necessary hint (thanks!). My desk is adjustable in height and I never tried to crank it up all the way to the top. Today I did and it seems to be high enough to support me standing up while working. I may have to raise the keyboard/mouse slightly, but the monitors tilted all the way to the back seem to be fine. From now on there’ll be no more sitting the whole day, but instead I’ll be standing the whole day typing, mousing, nose-picking, etc. I hear this results in much better long-term effects for back and legs …

Here’s the new setup (and the old chair):

PS: in case anybody’s interested, background music is a mix from DJ Velvety called Home with House Episode 32

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