Aug 14 2012

Max’s sign

Max returned to our home about two weeks after he was killed. His ashes were in a white box weighing around 5 pounds. We’ve been busy spreading his ashes all over the places he liked. There’s enough for one more trip up to the mountains when we take Frisco next time on a walk up there.

I also have an outstanding order with Pronto Signs and Graphics to create a sign somewhere along the lines of what you see below.

One Response to “Max’s sign”

  • Cathy Says:

    Hello, Tobias!
    I have emailed a couple of times, over the years, as I happened on to your site by accident and I stop back in to see how your lovely daughter and you are doing. I stopped by, today, only to feel my heart drop when I saw you lost Max in the summer. I’m so very sorry! I know your pain, as I lost a pet after 12 years and I felt like my own child had been taken.
    Just wanted to say hello, and pass along my condolences. I wish you, Frisco, and Miss Pia only the best.
    Check back in with you soon!
    Cathy in Ohio

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