Oct 30 2012

Parent/Teacher conferences

I’m going to sound like an old fart, but this time I actually want to sound like one.

Let me use this metronome to put you into a light sleep and make you remember what happened a long time ago. Remember when your parents went to parent/teacher conferences? Remember how you waited at home anxiously, because they happened in the evening and you never knew whether mom/dad would come back with good or bad news? I should have put an emphasis on “in the evening”, because that’s not when they are happening now.

Pia’s parent/teacher conferences (and most of the other Santa Fe Public schools’) happen Monday/Tuesday this week. This means that there is no school on those days, after-care places are closed and parents are left to find something else on their own. This raises the next question: why the f–k? If it is to de-stress teachers and not make them stay late for the conferences, congratulations! You succeeded and made your teachers much happier, but at the same time alienated 20 * 2 parents with your move. 40 parents vs. 1 teacher – you do the math.

Who started doing P/T conferences on 2 full days? We met Pia’s teacher for 15 mins on Monday. At ~20 kids in a class room, times 15 mins we end up at 5 hrs. Add some padding, snack/lunch time to make it 7 hrs – still nowhere near to two days. Hmmmm ….

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