Jan 22 2013

Dragon Box

There are tons of educational titles on the Apple iTunes store and Google’s Play Store for Android. A long time ago I read a review of “Dragon Box” and bookmarked it. While we were in Germany I actually purchased the app and installed it on Pia’s iPad. Dragon Box is a Math Game. Kids are gently introduced to Algebra and get to solve equations. In the beginning you solve equations using pictures and as you hit the more advanced levels the pictures are replaced by numbers and variables:


In the above, you have to try to have “x” alone on one side of the equation.

Pia mastered this in no time. She finished the standard package already and is almost done with the bonus package. She did not know that she was solving equations, but something will be stuck in her head and will help her to find easy access to Algebra.

Dragon Box gets my “highly recommended” if you’re looking for that kind of app.

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