Oct 31 2013

This is why I quit CNSP

For a long time now, CNSP was my ISP. I switched to them about 3 years ago, because they offered good speeds at a reasonable price. The first years everything was fine and I was happy with the service. Early last year the service went downhill: connectivity was bad and I would hear from my colleagues about it during video/audio conferences. Every attempt to have CNSP fix the situation was fruitless. In April last year I finally had enough and installed a 2nd wireless link through Cybermesa. I configured my router to do load-balancing and fail-over using the two Internet connections. That same router is constantly pinging the two ISPs to determine whether a link is up and usable: every few seconds packets are sent and the router collects information about the transition time and packet loss. Here’s the chart for typical day (10/14/2013 to be precise):


The grey stuff on the top represents the response times. The bloody red stuff on the bottom means packet loss. Packet loss occurs when something between me and CNSP goes wrong and data sent from my location does not get a response from the ISP. What’s graphed here are pings, but what it means in reality are websites not loading, Netflix pausing and other weird situations. Very often I would instruct my router to completely switch off CNSP, because I could not get a reliable connection.
Cybermesa and CNSP are using almost the same wireless equipment. CNSP’s radio tower is closer to my home than Cybermesa’s. To contrast things, here’s the same quality chart for my Cybermesa connection on the same day:


Uniform response times which are a fraction of CNSP’s and virtually no packet loss.

Things got really bad in May/June last year with service becoming unavailable completely. Despite my emails/calls, I was always told that the problem was on my end and when they finally sent somebody to take a look at my wireless equipment, it turned out that I was right all along and that my radio needed to be replaced.

A few weeks ago I sent email and asked them to fix the constant issues with my connection, otherwise I would have to cancel service with them. When I did not receive a response after 4 days I pulled the plug.

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