Feb 5 2014

GIV mobile switch

giv-logoI’m not a big phone talker. It always amazes me how people can burn through 1000 minutes/month. I was on the cheapest plan at Verizon, no texting, 2GB data and I still never reached the limit. However that cheapest plan still cost me ~ $80/month and that was after a 20% discount which I received through my company affiliation. Even if I wanted to, there was nothing I could cut from the monthly bill.

I started to look for alternatives and found one in GIV Mobile.

GIV Mobile is one of those no-contract resellers that have popped up in the recent past. Under the covers they use the T-Mobile network. For $50/month I get a no-contract, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, unlimited international SMS and 2GB at 4G speeds plan. After using up 2GB of data, speed automatically switches to 3G. T-Mobile’s coverage is certainly not as good as Verizon’s, but it is good enough for me: I have service at my home and all the other areas I care for. Besides the fixed cost under no contract I was also attracted to the new provider, because GIV Mobile donates 8% of your monthly bill to charity: from now on I’ll donate $4/month to charities I selected.

I got a Nexus 5 (because my Samsung was locked to Verizon) and activated GIV Mobile in January. My old number was ported to the new provider and once I was convinced that everything worked, I called up Verizon to cancel service there.
They gave me the “… valued customer … long time … see what I can do …” talk. The lady on the phone offered to cut $10 from my monthly bill (why do I have to threaten to leave before you’re offering this?) if I signed up for another year of service. I told her that even with the $10/month reduction, I would still be paying about $20 more a month than at GIV Mobile. She knew that there was nothing to be rescued in my case. I was hit with an early termination fee, because my 2-year contract was not over until July – but I had already factored that in and in the end I save some money. And knowing that I’m no longer feeding Verizon makes up for any additional costs …

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