Apr 6 2014


The last time I went on a vacation was years ago. Sure, we went to Germany a few times, spent some weekends away, but it’s been a long time since I dipped my toes into the ocean.

Spring break was the perfect opportunity for Pia and me to get away for a week. For a long time I had promised her a beach vacation and this year we made it happen. A few months ago I booked the Atlantis, Bahamas resort and late March we went there. Based on reviews by other parents I picked Atlantis, because everybody with kids said that it was comparable to a “Disney World with Water”. Knowing how much Pia enjoys water, I thought it was a perfect fit. And it was!

On 3/22 we went from Albuquerque via Houston to Nassau. No problems at all getting there and taking a shuttle to the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island. Of course, Pia had to go to the ocean the first evening (no swimming though):

First evening at Atlants

Atlantis is a massive resort that features a number of different hotels, numerous restaurants/shops and an incredible water park. As it is a kids-attraction, it is loud and busy. Supposedly there are more quiet areas for adults only, but I did not get to see them and that was not the purpose of the trip.

A note on the videos: most of the videos below were shot with a GoPro2 hand-held and they are shaky. The water-proof case was mounted, which makes sounds muffled even outside the water. And you’re not supposed to view the entire length of the videos, but fast-forward through them as you please.

There’s a giant tunnel with one of the world’s largest fish tanks right in the middle of the resort:

A lagoon between hotels with beaches and beach activities:

“The Dig” – an area with artificial “Atlantis” artifacts and an Ocean petting zoo that allows visitors to touch starfish, conch and horseshoe crabs (Pia loved to hang out here):

Of course there is a big ocean right in front of the resort and we made good use of it. On a side note: Pia CANNOT walk by the ocean without getting soaking wet!

And lastly there’s the Aquaventure park that boasts a number of huge (and scary) slides and our favorite ride called “The Current”. The ride is a “river” that runs in a circle around part of the resort. You sit in tube and get shipped around without having to do too much yourself. There are areas with rapids, artificial waves and a few extra slides you go on. It takes about 30 mins to do the circle and I lost count how often we did it (and Pia went several times by herself):

We also spent some time with the dolphins at the resort (“shallow water interaction” they called it) and got to go on a (cold) snorkel tour of the Atlantis ruins – both of them were nice, but not too memorable.

Panorama at "The Current"

One afternoon Pia also took a cupcake cooking class at the Kids-only Club at the resort. She came back with her tongue looking like that:


We enjoyed our time at the resort and it’s definitely a place we would consider going back to especially while Pia is still “younger”. If there was one thing that was a bit annoying, it was the prices at the resort. From $7 water bottles (1.5 liters) in the hotel room to $8 small zip-lock bags with fruit and $50 breakfasts for an adult and a kid, this place is expensive. The resort knows that most people won’t leave the place because of it’s size and they charge whatever they want to charge. You use your room-key to sign for all purchases and have no way (at least when we were there) to review how much money you spent already. Be careful, because those extra expenses can add up quickly.

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