About kahunaburger

Kahunaburger came first online in early 2000, a few months before Candice and I got married in San Francisco. I used it as a medium to inform friends and family about all things related to the festivities. At that point I had the site hosted by an external company (don’t even remember who that was). Archive.org cached the site in early 2001. For the longest time nothing happened to kahunaburger.

In 2002, after we had moved from the Bay Area to Santa Fe, I decided to start working on the site again. Moveable Type was installed and I created the kahunaburger-blog. The very first blog entry talks about a new printer I just had received. Most of the information I posted on the site was for friends and families who wanted to know how we were doing at our new home in Santa Fe.

I was also lucky enough to host my site from home since then. It’s certainly a lot easier to have the server right next to you and be responsible for it’s operation. Kahunaburger has been running FreeBSD since the very first time it got switched on and I can’t be happier with it. I switched hardware several times since 2002 and was always surpised how easy a FreeBSD-upgrade and how painless the move of the web-site was.

In October 2003, the blog got a whole new meaning with the arrival of our daughter Pia. Since then kahunaburger’s focus has shifted to provide grandparents and other family members a constant update on her development.

Fall 2005 we moved from our first home in the Tano-Road area to a new place in Tesuque. The months before, I had become increasingly frustrated with Moveable Type. I started to experiment with other blogging-packages and ultimately decided to give WordPress a try. Within a few days of switching over, I was hooked and I don’t regret the change at all.

As an obsessed amateur photographer I have posted about 2000 photos on this site (as of December 2006). The majority of my photos (a total of about 25000) stays on various harddisks and DVD-backup media. All those posted on kahunaburger can be seen in the Flash Gallery, which is also linked on the right hand side.

After an extremely sad year that culminated in our divorce late 2006, I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to increase my posting frequency on this site. Ultimately I see my efforts end up in a book that I can give to my daughter as an account of her own growing-up-years.

Thanks to all my regular readers and all those random people who have stopped by in the past and left comments on the site. It’s extremely gratifying to get feedback from total strangers who happen to pass by.

An extra special “Thank you!” goes to auntie Darlene, who has been a visitor from the first day on and who still holds the record for most comments on this site.