Dec 9 2006

Living room: snuff bottles

Chinese snuff bottles details: note that the first one was painted from the inside of the bottle! Both of them are just a few inches tall.

Dec 8 2006

Living room: Chinese furniture

When we moved from the Bay Area to Santa Fe, we brought quite a number of furniture pieces with us. Lots of those pieces are actually from China: an ex-pat woman in the Bay Area collected hundreds of pieces while she was in China. She shipped all the stuff slowly to the US. She had a huge catalog with photos of all the items that were stored in a number places around her home. We picked some items we really liked and brought them to our new home in New Mexico.
Here’s a detail from one of an old Chinese Wedding Chest.

Dec 7 2006

Carol Anthony murals

Going from the living room to the bedroom or to the guest/kids wing, you walk through arched areas that have been decorated with Carol Anthony murals. Ethereal scenes with floating pears are visible in both areas. We heard that she was friends with the previous owners of our house and added those in 2003 during the remodel of the home. The door below is usually open and brings you into the master bedroom.

Dec 6 2006

Bedroom: chimney “valve”

Installment no.2 of the “a detail/day” series. This time we moved into the bedroom. Pictured below is the chimney “valve” (for lack of a better word in a my limited English dictionary called my brain) over the fireplace in the bedroom. The handle in horizontal position means that no cold air is coming in through the fire place. Move it to vertical position and you’re ready to start a fire. You can also see some details on our walls: all through the house we have those nice earthy-toned walls. The sparkly stuff is mica that has been added to the earth and you can also make out some pieces of straw that is also part of the mix.

Dec 5 2006

A detail per day …

Our home has so many cute little details and for the next few weeks I pledge to post at least one detail photo per day on kahunaburger. Tripod? – check. 100mm macro lens? – check. ISO100? – check. Mirror-lockup? – check. 2sec release timer? – check.

Here’s the first batch: bathroom doors.