May 20 2009

Lens – new blog at NYTimes

There’s a new photography related blog on the NYTimes site called “Lens“. From the description:

Lens is the photojournalism blog of The New York Times, presenting the finest and most interesting visual and multimedia reporting — photographs, videos and slide shows.

Mar 25 2009


[ this is a repost of an old article, because for some reason the old one got all messed up and I have no idea why ]

Things were so simple in the old days, when we had a single server acting as web-/application-server at the same time. In order to see what was going on, one would just “tail” the servers log-file (for example Apache’s access_log and/or error_log) to get live information about the servers activity.

Things are not as easy these days. For one of my work projects only god knows how many individual servers are involved: web-server, application server, rendering server, conversion server, etc. To see activity on all systems involved, developers usually have multiple Terminal windows open, are logged in to multiple servers and “tail -f” logfiles in those windows. While this allows people to get a live view into the system, it makes it very difficult to correlate log-events on one system to log-events on another system. The logs are tailed independently and the information is not “interleaved”.

There are existing utilities out there that allow you to look at multiple files at the same time (most notably, but as far as I know, there is no platform-independent one.


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Feb 28 2007

Moscow Dungeons

There are some pretty nice HDR photos of the Moscow Underground over at Given that the guy who did the photos is the official photographer for the Moscow Underground, you get to see areas that mere mortals usually can’t get access to. Makes me want to do some more HDRs …

Dec 12 2006

What a beautiful photo: moon panorama

I would give my right leg to get an opportunity to stand behind the camera in this shot … (click on the image above to see the full panorama on NASA’s site).

Jun 9 2006

Santa Fe Workshops: Free Summer Image Presentations

I just blogged about this on my Adobe-blog, but here it is again for those of you who read kahunaburger. The Santa Fe Workshops offer every year a series of free presentations and talks. You can find this year’s schedule here. The first one is going to be on Monday the 19th of June in the evening. See you there.

Aug 15 2005


The Aeromotor in a new light:

Feb 11 2005

World Press Photo winners

The World Press Photo winners were announced yesterday. You can view the winner and all other photos at:

I’m not surprised to hear that the photo below won: