Dec 11 2012

Spot the Station: Santa Fe 12/11/12 – 6:12pm

If you are in Santa Fe this evening at 6:12pm, you get a chance to see the International Space Station to cross the sky at a maximum height of 78 degrees appearing in the South-West and disappearing in the North-East for about 2 mins.

You can sign up for these email alerts at:

Dec 10 2012

Christmas Shopping

True story – I swear! Pia and I are in the dairy section at Albertsons. I ask her if there’s anything else we need while we are out shopping. I get a “no” initially followed by a sudden “yes, but I don’t remember what it was called.” I do know immediately that she’s talking about eggnog, because she likes it a lot and we got it often around x-mas. I give her some time to remember when she suddenly shouts: “Now I remember – Christmas juice!”

Dec 7 2012

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

And that is all 🙂

PS: I should mention that he wears a t-shirt saying “dyslectics untie”

Dec 3 2012

Paranoia Monday: NSA whistleblower interview

Even if only half of the stuff is true, it’s scary …

Nov 29 2012

Nerd Alert!

It’s day two of the Amazon “AWS re:Invent” conference and Ryan from Pinterest just presented. Glad to see that the coat from 1993 still fits … (sorry, could not resist).

Nov 29 2012

The Dog Whisperer … err … Howlerer

Pia is bilingual: she speaks English and Dog …

Nov 28 2012

Looks like there’s another fish in the family

Pia went to see her (Chinese) grandparents over Thanksgiving. As often they went down to the time-share in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – right about here (Google Maps). Last year she was allowed to take some Scuba lessons in the pool and the instructor told her she would be allowed to do it again this year. It sounds like he was happy with her progress and she was even allowed on a short dive into the Ocean:

She can get certified as early as 10 years and then I think we need to go on some scuba excursions together. A short video is below (including Candice and step dad Jovan):

Nov 28 2012

VMWare: use X server on the host

I’ve seen it more than once before that your guest OS’s user interface (Gnome, KDE, etc.) has issues, because of limited memory or display driver issues. I made it a habit to install my guests as limited as possible. Most often the guest is some server VM and UI cruft has no business on it. If I do need to run X11 applications in the guest, then I use an X11 server installed on the host.

There are free servers for both Windows (Xming) and MacOSX (XQuartz) hosts. Install those, disable access control (“xhost +”) and then redirect the guest’s DISPLAY environment variable to the host (“export DISPLAY=<host-ip>:0”) as seen here:

And you can reuse the same X11 server from multiple different guests – even at the same time.

Nov 8 2012

Maca Donalds – whata hava you done to Japan?

I threw up a little …

Nov 7 2012

If you’re hispanic, black or female, listen up!

Nov 6 2012

Thank you, America …

… I think I don’t have to move!

Nov 2 2012

Listen to the next guy representing you

Romney does not say anything wrong, but listen how he says it. This may be the guy who is going to represent you world-wide very soon – you happy?

Nov 2 2012

You need to go through Pete’s Obama gallery …

before you go out an vote. This has got to be one of the most accessible, lovable presidents ever. “Adorable” written all over this one – coming from a dad who knows what he says:

Pete, you helped to reelect Obama – thank you! And you got a free copy of Lightroom I hear! If you need an upgrade let me know …

Oct 30 2012

Please …

… somebody tell me you know what you’re doing

Oct 30 2012

Parent/Teacher conferences

I’m going to sound like an old fart, but this time I actually want to sound like one.

Let me use this metronome to put you into a light sleep and make you remember what happened a long time ago. Remember when your parents went to parent/teacher conferences? Remember how you waited at home anxiously, because they happened in the evening and you never knew whether mom/dad would come back with good or bad news? I should have put an emphasis on “in the evening”, because that’s not when they are happening now.

Pia’s parent/teacher conferences (and most of the other Santa Fe Public schools’) happen Monday/Tuesday this week. This means that there is no school on those days, after-care places are closed and parents are left to find something else on their own. This raises the next question: why the f–k? If it is to de-stress teachers and not make them stay late for the conferences, congratulations! You succeeded and made your teachers much happier, but at the same time alienated 20 * 2 parents with your move. 40 parents vs. 1 teacher – you do the math.

Who started doing P/T conferences on 2 full days? We met Pia’s teacher for 15 mins on Monday. At ~20 kids in a class room, times 15 mins we end up at 5 hrs. Add some padding, snack/lunch time to make it 7 hrs – still nowhere near to two days. Hmmmm ….