Oct 11 2012

Listen and then pick the paper ballot …

Also more details here.

Oct 9 2012

The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flip Collection

Sep 21 2012

Bye, bye Darci

She left for the Great Unknown on September 5.

Even though I hardly knew you, you’ll be missed.

Sep 21 2012

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner …

… is this view right now:

That’s our internal bug system that tells me I have work to do. It shows the (software) bugs assigned to me in priority/severity order. The higher the bug in the queue, the more important it is to fix. We are nearing completion of the next installment of https://createpdf.acrobat.com/ and it’s mandatory that these items are fixed before customers can see the web pages. A complete rewrite of a Flex user interface to use HTML/JS/CSS instead. I added a whole new hate for IE < 10 since then ...

Sep 21 2012

Sign for Max

In case you can’t read it: “Max had to die here because of a speeding driver. Please slow down!” (just like mentioned in an earlier post here)

The sign is on my property very close to where Max died. Pia and her friends decorated it with sticks (Max LOVED playing fetch) and flowers. I deliberately chose a small font, because people need to slow down in order to read the sign 🙂

Aug 15 2012

Julia Child Remixed

This is hilarious. In honor of Julia Child’s 100th birthday, PBS put up a remixed video of Julia. Enjoy and support your local PBS station!

Aug 14 2012

Max’s sign

Max returned to our home about two weeks after he was killed. His ashes were in a white box weighing around 5 pounds. We’ve been busy spreading his ashes all over the places he liked. There’s enough for one more trip up to the mountains when we take Frisco next time on a walk up there.

I also have an outstanding order with Pronto Signs and Graphics to create a sign somewhere along the lines of what you see below.

Aug 14 2012

A different kind of Sale

On Saturday afternoon I drove down West Alameda. This time of the year a lot of people are getting rid of clutter via Yard/Garage Sales and on weekends you see hand-written signs all over town. From the distance I spotted a set of bright green signs announcing one of those sales. However, this one was different. When I came closer to the sign I could make out what was written on it: “Going to Jail Sale” – only in Santa Fe (or Espanola). If it wasn’t for the cop car right behind me, I would have taken a photo.

Aug 13 2012

My back hurts – that’s a good thing – right?

Today I finally did what I should have done ages ago: I converted my desk from a sit-down desk into a stand-up desk. My colleague Jeff gave me the necessary hint (thanks!). My desk is adjustable in height and I never tried to crank it up all the way to the top. Today I did and it seems to be high enough to support me standing up while working. I may have to raise the keyboard/mouse slightly, but the monitors tilted all the way to the back seem to be fine. From now on there’ll be no more sitting the whole day, but instead I’ll be standing the whole day typing, mousing, nose-picking, etc. I hear this results in much better long-term effects for back and legs …

Here’s the new setup (and the old chair):

PS: in case anybody’s interested, background music is a mix from DJ Velvety called Home with House Episode 32

Aug 12 2012

Brownout and the winner is …

We just had a bit of a Brownout here (upon reading the description for Brownout more carefully, I think we just experienced a normal power outage). Power was lost for a fraction of a second. There’s a pretty big thunderstorm wreaking havoc in the area, which caused the turbulence. Three PCs in my office and the PC-based pfsense-router rebooted. The Sony VAIO All-In-One computer in the kitchen is still up, as well as the Macbook Pro laptop next to me. Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs) were just placed on my Christmas Gift list.

Needless to say that I just lost some work and am trying to recover it …

And the winner is: Mr. Thunderstorm himself!

PS: Bonus question for Serhii – when did you last a experience a power outage that rebooted your devices?

Aug 8 2012

My (ever growing) ban-list

Just like any other WordPress installation out there, kahunaburger.com is subjected to constant hacking attempts. People try to gain access to the server in order to modify the blog contents and serve spam, exploits, ads on my behalf. I have two security measures in place:

  • Limit Login Attempts: this plugin allows you to configure how WordPress is going to react to wrong username/password combinations. I have it setup so that even one wrong username/password combination will get your IP blocked from logging in again for 24 hours. As I’m the only person using the system and have a password manager to remember the password, I should never run into a situation where I hit this road block. And even if I do, I have access to the database and can lift the limit.
  • WP-Ban: using this plugin I can define a set of IP-addresses or address-ranges to block certain sites from ever visiting me again. If one of the banned sites attempts to access kahunaburger, they receive a friendly page that tells them to go away. Every week or so I take all the IP-addresses collected from the plugin above and add them to the ban-list.

It’s become a lot more quiet since I started using the two utilities above. And in case you’re interested, here’s my current ban-list as of today (most of them are open proxies):

Aug 7 2012

DayZ keyboard

You won’t get it unless you know the game

Jul 27 2012

Woodkid – Iron

I guess it’s music day on KB today. “Iron” by “Woodkid” coming up. Dark, gothic, b’n’w stuff – I like it (oh, drooling dog in the beginning sold me):

Jul 27 2012

Really, YouTube?

Take video of 6-y/o girl taking a swim in a lake in Germany, upload to YouTube, get email that video has been removed because it violated Terms of Use:

That’s what happened to me with the video above. It showed Pia taking a dip in a Bavarian lake. And the problem is that it was the only digital copy …

Jul 27 2012

What do we have here? – Kymberley Kennedy

While looking for the “Wookie Shuffle” (I’m not kidding) for coding-background entertainment, I ran across Kymberley Kennedy on Ghetto Funk. Big, oldschool voice which reminds me about the Jackson 5. “Hit and Run” is another nice sample. Watch out, she’ll be on your radio soon …